Larger part of company fleet are trailer trucks with load sizes of 7,25m + 8,30m, volume of 113 – 120 m3, height of 3,15 m and 24.000 kg of load capacity and hauler with load size 13,6m, volume 100m3. For quick Avia transports smaller trucks with load capacity of 3.000 kg , volume of 50 m3and vans for 6 EW palettes and 13 m3 are used.

We have expanded our fleet with car transporters. We obtain Licence for exceptional goods transport with width of 3m.

All our vehicles are compliant with European ecological standards and use EUR VI engines. Entire fleet is equipped with GSM communication gear and modern GPS technology for automated shipment tracking and tracing. Some of our vehicles are equipped with ADR equipment used for transportation of hazard goods. Vehicles are regulary serviced by authorized services. Each vehicle is in average replaced with new one after 4 years. This is how we maintain smooth transport process in terms of clients quality demands and deadlines.

Our reliable cooperators take care under same terms and conditions for transports that our fleet is unsuitable for.

Intertour cares for environment! Our vehicles are compliant with newest ecological demands of European Union. Regular change of vehicles (modern technology) also helps to maintain clean environment. Recycling of waste materials is done by authorized services – all for reduction of pollution in mind.